Identifying the Safest Vaping Option

May 25, 2023




The vaping industry is rapidly expanding, and regulations struggle to keep pace with the influx of new products flooding the market.

While numerous reputable vape brands exist, it is widely acknowledged that certain vapes are safer than others.

As a conscientious consumer, it is crucial to thoroughly research the safety features of each device. In this article, we will outline guidelines for using vapes safely and highlight key features to minimize potential harm.


Differentiating Open and Closed System Vapes

Vapes are not created equal, and there are two primary types of vaping systems: open and closed.

Open-system vaping devices offer full customization, enabling you to select your preferred e-liquid and refill the tank. Additionally, these devices feature removable mouthpieces, allowing you to interchange them for personalized use and easier cleaning of accumulated residue. Open pod systems are ideal if you prefer complete control over your vaping experience. However, they tend to be bulkier due to their larger battery and tank setup, which can make them appear complex, particularly for newcomers to vaping.

In contrast, closed pod systems are hassle-free and come pre-filled with e-liquid, ready for immediate use. Although these pods or cartridges cannot be refilled, closed systems offer greater convenience, compactness, and user-friendliness.


Safe Usage of Open-System Vapes

When utilizing open-system vapes, consider the following safety measures:

  1. Opt for a regulated mod with a removable battery, as it offers advanced safety features to prevent short circuits, excessive use, and overheating.
  2. Regularly maintain your device by replacing coils and cleaning it as instructed.
  3. Avoid using vaping devices with damaged parts or loose connections.
  4. Store e-liquids in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  5. Utilize an external charger that is compatible with your device and strictly follow the manual's charging instructions.
  6. Monitor the battery level and promptly replace it if signs of damage or wear emerge.
  7. Use durable batteries manufactured by reputable brands.


Safe Usage of Closed-System Vapes

For safe usage of closed-system vapes, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. When recharging is possible, employ the appropriate charger for your device, and avoid overcharging the battery.
  2. Store the vaping hardware in a cool, dry place when not in use, as excessive heat can affect performance and battery life.
  3. Follow the device's instructions and refrain from modifying it in any manner.
  4. Avoid chain vaping, which entails vaping frequently without taking breaks in between inhalations.
  5. Practice slow, deep breaths while inhaling to reduce the risk of lung irritation or damage.


Determining Vape Safety

Regardless of your familiarity with vaping, safety is a paramount concern. While vaping is not entirely risk-free, prioritizing safety features and conducting thorough research on retailers can significantly reduce accidents and potential health risks.


Avoiding Harmful Ingredients

Diacetyl-Free E-juice: Diacetyl, commonly found in food products like popcorn, can be safe when ingested. However, when inhaled, it can harm the lungs. To protect your health, it is best to steer clear of e-juices containing diacetyl. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid e-juices with acetyl propionyl and acetoin, as they may be linked to respiratory and other health issues.


Implementing Safety Features

Auto Shut-Off: The auto shut-off feature is vital in preventing vape devices from overheating and reducing the risk of accidents. Typically, this feature automatically activates after a predetermined number of puffs or a specific duration, placing the device in standby mode and ceasing vapor production. By preventing continuous firing, this feature minimizes the risk of touching an overheated




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